From runways to living among nomads

Todd Rafalovich (San Francisco, 1964) started work as a photographer in 1994, after a decade of professional modeling with Ford and Look agencies.  After transitioning to the other side of the camera, he has lived and worked in over 40 countries, photographing disappearing cultures in areas of rural Mongolia, Tibet, Bhutan, Rwanda, Myanmar, Namibia, Zambia, South Africa, Botswana, Cuba, and Peru. 

Todd spends over 3 months overseas each year and is currently working on his latest project, "Exploring Consciousness: Altered States in a Modern World," which highlight indigenous shamans and spiritual leaders and their personal stories from Mongolia, Siberia, Tibet, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru, Columbia, Ecuador, and beyond.

His work in developing countries has taken him around the world, including recently East Africa, where he had the chance to trek with the highland mountain gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda (which included a charging silverback!).

He is drawn to the indigenous peoples in remote, inaccessible areas of the world.  He has spent time with Tibetan Buddhist lamas in Tibet and Mongolia, and recently lived in a monastery in remote Mongolia and amongst the nomads for over a month.

Over the years, he has ventured and photographed cultures in the most raw and wild areas of the world - from crossing the Tibetan plateau, traversing sacred villages in Bhutanese Himalayas, photographing fishermen among the water villages in Myanmar, to the wildlife of the Okavango Delta of Botswana, and the Namibian sand dunes.

Todd and his wife Ruth lead cultural photography tours to Mongolia, India, and Bhutan.  

Some of their favorite experiences have included photographing the great white sharks in South Africa, exploring the Peruvian Amazon and its remote villages, volunteering with the giant pandas in China, and spending 2 months in the Botswana wilderness.

Todd resides in San Mateo when he is in the Bay Area.

Todd’s work in the Bay Area includes all types of lifestyle photography - weddings, family, newborn, and maternity photography.  His corporate photography ranges from headshots, products, workplaces to corporate events.  

His international assignments will see him in Nigeria and Rwanda in the fall.  He will be leading a fourth photography expedition tour to Mongolia in June 2019, showing the nomadic culture and landscape of Mongolia.

Todd Rafalovich

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