From runways to the North Face of Mount Everest

A Bay Area local, I grew up in Saratoga and played soccer for Stanford University.  Scouted by a modeling agency upon graduation, I reluctantly took a single modeling job, not knowing it would turn into my actual profession for the next decade and lead me into photography.  As a Ford model, the experience over the next decade gave me an opportunity to travel, but more importantly I was humbled to learn from some of the best fashion photographers in the world.

Recognized as the face of Perry Ellis clothing, along with Milk, DoubleMint, Hanes ad campaigns from the 80s, I turned my interest to photography, where I've been firmly planted for the past 20 years.  I do believe my background in modeling is what allows me to capture the imagery I do - I pride myself on being able to find the absolute best angle and proper lighting for each person based on their features.

Outside of people photography, my wife and I are extremely passionate about wildlife, gravitating towards the exotic and wild.  In the past year alone, we scratched a hyena (maybe not the best idea looking back!), volunteered with the giant pandas, photographed Siberian tiger cubs, took a nap with a wild chimpanzee, slept within earshot of roaring lions in Botswana, scratched a yak in Tibet and dodged a charging silverback gorilla in Rwanda.

As for modeling, I signed back with my original agency, Look Models, although I limit my assignments, since photography plays a much greater role.  I joke that my modeling has transitioned from billboards to suitcase ads, casinos and pharmaceuticals.

I’m honored to have diverse clientele -- from Hillary Clinton to oil executives, celebrities, NFL players, politicians, as well as three prime ministers.  

I reside in San Mateo, CA, with my wife Ruth, who has given up taking extra clothes on trips in exchange for my 67 pounds of camera gear and jokes she married Zoolander. We have a Tibetan Terrier, Parker, our little studio mascot.

I’m excited for my next assignments - photographing polar bears in Canada and returning to Bhutan in the spring.  And be on the lookout for the cover of LL Bean Spring catalog!

Todd’s work in the Bay Area includes all types of lifestyle photography - weddings, family, newborn, and maternity photography.  His corporate photography ranges from headshots, products, workplaces to corporate events.

About Ruth Rafalovich

I am fortunate to work with my wife, Ruth, on all of my shoots.  She provides makeup and wardrobe styling and assists me with lighting during shoots.  

She's also obsessive about travel and is constantly on the search for the next off-the-beaten path experience.

Todd Rafalovich


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