Mongolia Photography Tour

Private Photography Expeditions

Mongolia Photography Tour

Experience Mongolia on a private photography tour with professional photographer Todd Rafalovich. We are offering two private tours (max of 4 people on each tour).  These tours are an in-depth experience into the nomadic Mongolian culture along with personalized photography education.  

June 2019 - 25 day tour encompassing middle and northern Mongolia, Western Mongolia with the eagle hunters, and the Gobi Desert.  SOLD OUT.

July 2019 - 12 day tour encompassing middle and northern Mongolia.  SOLD OUT

Inclusive of all in-country flights, accommodations, meals, and activities.

Why Traveling with us is Unique

* Travel in Mongolia is a bit adventurous, it requires patience and a sense of humor.  My wife and I enjoy "off the beaten path" travel, but appreciate the finer comforts of life.  However, we gladly compromise some luxuries in order to immerse ourselves and experience nomadic culture.  Although gers have real beds, sleeping in a ger is a notch above camping.  Uniquely special to our tour, we provide small extra touches that make the trip more comfortable.

*We travel with an Mongolian guide (English speaking), excellent professional drivers (a good driver is critical in navigating the unmarked, rugged Mongolian country roads), and a cook for picnic lunches - this is rare for most Mongolian tours.

*We travel with a dedicated tech professional for camera, computer, and backup advice and support.  This is a unique bonus that our tours provide.

*The Mongolia photographic tours are limited to 4 clients only - this ensures more quality time that I can spend with each participant, providing a more individualized experience. When I travel, I prefer to shoot in more personal situations, not with a crowd of other photographers getting basically the same image.  To me, having that 1:1 interaction is vital.  Also, a smaller group gives us the time and space to create our own unique imagery.  I find shooting a very personal experience and so instruction in large groups isn't as effective. 

Instead of large photo workshops, I will be coaching and working with participants individually.  Each time an opportunity comes to get a great shot, we'll work together to get the best image possible. We address how to approach subjects with sensitivity, while not sacrificing spontaneity, how to shoot action shots from a moving car, or advanced composition and lighting techniques.

Participants have the flexibility to have as much non-shooting time as desired

*Our cars are either current model Land Cruisers or Lexus AWD - with air conditioning- most other tours use the more adventurous Russian vans, which can be quite tiresome and hot over long bumpy, driving days.  Our cars ensure for the smoothest, most comfortable ride in a country with few paved roads.

*City accommodations are at the Shangri-La, the city's only 5 star hotel in Ulaanbaatar, not often booked for tour groups.  Outside the city, clients will have private ger accommodations with double or single beds and a stove/fireplace for heating (deluxe when available).

*Clients receive 1:1 as much (or as little!) instruction from me throughout the trip, hands on portraiture and landscape education, lighting, composition and post-production education.  

*Clients receive individual portraiture shoots with nomadic families in traditional dress, an optional individual blessing from a Buddhist lama, and special visits to locations not on the typical tourist route.

*An unmatched gift to give.  We bring portable printers and set up gear to print 4x6s for the nomads you meet and take pictures of.  They are completely thrilled to get a printed professional picture that was just taken of them.  We find it to be a thoughtful gift for allowing us to take their photograph. 

*All meals and snacks included - either from ger camp, hotel, homestay or chef.

*All activities included - hiking, camel riding, horseback riding, archery, entrance fees to points of interest, trekking, fly fishing instruction.

*Extra comforts like hot water bottles to warm your bed, real pillows (you'll thank us for this later), snacks, extra blankets, and other things to make the tour more personal.

*Pre-trip planning support.  We work closely with you to ensure you have the proper camera gear, travel gear, electronics, clothing, and a good image storage workflow, including utilizing external drives.  We're happy to help you with image backup best practices.  Small gift exchanges is a big part of Buddhist culture - we assist you to bring the most thoughtful and needed presents to the nomads.

*All in-country transportation including internal flights, airport transfers, etc. are included.

*Optional fly-fishing available.

*Optional Western Region Tour addition to see the last remaining Eagle Hunters and 10,000-15,000 year old petroglyphs (July tour only).